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Flutter Introduction

Flutter Introduction

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Published on Feb 19, 2021

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What is it? 🤔

Flutter is a UI Toolkit and SDK. It is free and open source.

What platforms it can be run in? 💻📱

One can build mobile, web and desktop apps using flutter toolkit. So it is a cross platform framework.

What programming language does it use?

Flutter uses Dart programming language.

  • Object oriented language.
  • Optimized for UI.
  • As fast ⚡ as native. It is compiled into machine code in respective machines and JavaScript for web.
  • Familiar syntax with Kotlin, Swift & Typescript.

What are the features of flutter?

  • Simple platform specific widget libraries (Cupertino:iOS & Material:Android) to mimic native UI style.
  • Supports hot reload, which makes development & testing much, much easier & faster.
  • Highly customizable widgets.
  • Good enough and rapidly expanding third party package support.

What editors or IDE does flutter support?

  • Currently plugins are available for Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and VS Code.

What are alternatives to flutter?

  • React Native (JavaScript)
  • Xamarin (C#)
  • etc..
  • Reflectly (mindfulness app).
  • Google Stadia. It is a streaming platform for gamers.
  • NuBank.
  • Hamilton Musical.

What are few useful resources ?

📃 Docs

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